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Not sure where to begin? We've got your back.


In the form below, please give us any information you can to help us find the race, trail, or other event you're interested in. Some ideas on how to help us include: 

    1. Point us at your data. If you share your activities or can find your route on a popular website like Strava.com, RunKeeper.com, or a similar site, we can make it work. Please copy the URL (the bit reading https://... at the top of a browser) from your activity into the field below.
    2. Point us at a trail. Didn’t record the data, or don’t have access to it? You may be able to find it yourself. Several convenient sites include AllTrails.commtbproject.com, GaiaGPS.com, TrailRunProject.com, and FastestKnownTime.com, but we can work with most any service you can find. Please copy the URL (the bit reading https://... at the top of a browser) for the route and paste it in the field below.
    3. Point us at the event. Does the activity include a home page, a registration page, or a social media profile? you can copy the URL (the bit reading https://... at the top of your browser) and paste it into the field below to help get us a starting point.
    4. Give us a few hints. None of the above? We’re on it. Thus far we haven’t met a route or event we can’t track down, but it can take us several days to work with our network of contacts to locate your event and the data we need. Some key data to help us would be any of: Event name, date, state or city where the event was held.


What comes next? We'll track down your data and build an interactive preview. Watch your email for a link from us to check it out. Our typical turn-around time is less than 48-hr. 


Don't want to wait?

Option 1: See our short guide on how to export GPX data from several popular platforms. After you can your hands on the GPX file, you can upload it and get started without our help by clicking here.


Option 2: Connect directly to Strava to import your recent activities