WayZada - Never forget a finish line!

What do we do? 

Problem. Generic finisher medals and t-shirts at the finish line are impersonal and do not reflect the thousands of hours athletes put into their achievement. The feeling of accomplishment is forgotten as memories fade and finish-line celebrations get buried by hundreds more digital photos. We know there are some achievements that stand out - crossing the finish line for your first marathon, setting a PR, an epic mountain bike ride, or a great hike with your family. These memories deserve more than being photograph 397 of the 1782 on your phone. By printing your route, it becomes a physical object that serves as a unique reminder of the path you traveled. Athletes deserve a better way to relive their experiences and share them with friends and families.


Solution. WayZada helps athletes commemorate and share their journey by producing one-of-a-kind, tangible artwork from athletes’ data and achievements. Our 3D prints are the start of a conversation, allowing athletes to relive what they have achieved and share the journey with friends and family in a new way. By making the achievement tangible, we ensure athletes never forget a finish line.

The WayZada Team

Adam Ward has a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and his day job is researching hydrology and the transport and fate of pollutants in river networks. He has extensive experience working with geospatial data, 3D printing, and is a perennial tinkerer. WayZada combines his love for creative design, constant tinkering with 3D printers and codebases, and data visualization in a combination that this ‘stream hugger’ finds valuable and exciting.


Robert Henschel has an M.S. in computer science who spends his days optimizing hardware and software for research applications on supercomputers. He is a full-stack developer whose interest in hardware extends to building electronics in his home. WayZada provides a growth opportunity in business, and a good excuse to have more toys around the home! 

WayZada Origin Story


In May 2020, our group of friends completed a 4x4x48 Goggins run (4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours). Instead of finish line medals, Robert and Adam collaborated to produce a small print of the road network and elevations that each person ran during the event. A few weeks later, we rented a lake house near WayZata, MN (pronounced ‘wize-ET-uh’). As we reminisced around the campfire and passed around one of the initial 3D prints that someone brought along, and perhaps with our confidence bolstered by a few gin and tonics, we dreamed up a business plan. If we thought this was interesting, maybe a few people out there would want to see their achievements in a new way, too. What to call our new venture? After brainstorming around the campfire, our mispronunciation of the town’s name bubbled to the top of the list - WayZada (‘way-ZAH-duh’)! This passed the test of sounding good yelled around a late night campfire, and having available domain names and social media handles. In July 2020, with support from our families and friends, we cut the ribbon and WayZada opened for business.