Virtual Boston Marathon Elevation Profile
Virtual Boston Marathon Elevation Profile

Virtual Boston Marathon Elevation Profile

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The 2020 Boston Marathon will be a virtual race, so every participant will run their own unique marathon. This is your chance to see how your route stacks up against the official Boston Marathon course. Did you forget to include your local ‘heartbreak hill’ in your Virtual Boston Marathon? Or was yours even more epic? Commemorate your unique experience or that of a friend or family member with this product. If you are interested in a different size, color, or design for this profile, simply let us know in the "Requests and Comments" field and we'll make it perfect for you!

Our Virtual Boston Marathon product stacks the route you ran in front of the ‘non-2020’ Boston Marathon profile. Yours in front (blue in product photo above), the standard Boston behind (yellow in product photo above). Routes are scales so elevation differences and grades can be directly compared between the two routes.

What do we need from you?

Some information about your route, which you’ve probably got on hand already. Any of the following work:

  1. Point us at an event or trail. Didn’t record the data, or don’t have access to it? Paste in the URL (the bit reading https://... at the top of a browser) for the event. This might be a page for the event, a site showing trail maps for a state park, or any other reference you can find. This will slow us down by a few days as we sleuth out the data we need.
  2. Upload a GPX. To make it really easy on us, you can upload a GPX file of your activity (See our guide on how to export this from popular services here). This lets us begin work on your product immediately.
  3. Point us at the data. If you share your activities or can find your route on a popular website like,,, and more. Just copy and paste the URL (the bit reading https://... at the top of a browser) from your activity into the field above that reads “Link to run data” and we’ll take it from there. This option is pretty quick, usually allowing us to start on design with a business day.
  4. Give us a few hints. None of the above? We’re on it. Thus far we haven’t met a route or event we can’t track down, but it can take us several days to work with our network of contacts to locate your event and the data we need.

What happens after I order?

Our designer will reach out to you with any questions, or to confirm we’ve identified the correct route if you didn’t point us directly at it. Nothing about our process is ‘cookie cutter’ nor is it some automated process – every design is unique. We use the selections you make with your order (e.g., color, text) as a starting point and work with every client to make the design perfect before we proceed. After you approve the design, we print it and ship it your way.

Special Requests?

We love ‘em! The options in our shop exist because enough people have asked for them. Reach out to discuss custom color schemes, adding a corporate logo or other icon, custom sizes, or anything else you can dream up. 

Product Size:
The profile is 20 cm (8 in) long and 1.5 cm (5/8 in) deep. The height of the product is at least 6.5 cm (2.5 in), but will be taller if your run has more elevation difference than the Boston Marathon (which ranges from about 490 ft above sea level at the starting line to 10 ft above sea level at the finish). The more vertical range you get, the larger your product!

WayZada challenges:
Queen/King of the Mountain: Make us pay for your success! The maximum height that we can produce for this product is about 13 cm (5 in). For those who complete a virtual marathon with more than about 1000-ft of elevation range, you’ve gone bigger and more epic that we can print. Good for you, bad for us. We will scale down the Boston profile relative to yours to make it work. To reward your success, we’ll give 15% off your order and throw in a free WayZada sticker, because frankly you’ve earned it by that run!

PR discount: The Boston Marathon is one of those events where runners shine. Let’s celebrate all the PRs people set together. Set a PR and we’ll give you a discount based on your performance. For example, if you beat your marathon PR by 12%, we give you 12% off. When you order, tell us you want the PR discount and how we can verify it (e.g., your Strava or RunKeeper profile).

Truth in advertising:
Boston Marathon is a registered trademark of the Boston Athletic Association. WayZada and this product are not associated with the Boston Athletic Association in any way. We use the term ‘Boston Marathon’ as descriptive of the factual route and elevation profile, not to indicate any formal relationship nor endorsement.