WayZada Recycles

We are proud to affirm WayZada’s commitment to the environment. In addition to ensuring all of our supplies arrive in recyclable packaging, we are also recycling all 3D printing filament scraps, residuals, and misprints. Options for filament recycling are surprisingly limited given the wide array of filament types (e.g., PLA, PETG, ABS) and different chemical compositions between manufacturers. 

Ultimately we did our homework on options and have committed to working with TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box program. TerraCycle partners with filament recycler FilaBot to ensure that 100% of our filament waste is diverted from landfills and ultimately finds its way back into the supply chain.

While recycling options for filament are limited, we’re proud to help grow this space. This is a minor cost to help do the right thing for the environment.


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