Here we are - WayZada!

The owners of WayZada are passionate about running, cycling, triathlons and other outdoor activities. Some of those activities are standing out, like your first marathon or an epic mountain bike downhill ride. We believe that those activities should be remembered in a way that stands out as well!
WayZada is developing products that visualize your runs and rides in a new way, in a way that is more engaging than a finisher photo or even a video. We are 3D printing your route, so that you can remember all the climbs and all the epic downhills.
Those 3D prints fit great on a desk or a wall to commemorate your achievements, but they are really meant to be picked up and studied up close. For example, hand the 3D print of your marathon route to a friend and show how this last hill was so much more work than the climb at mile 20. We believe that experiencing your route in 3D will change how you remember your activities!

WayZada is not about the route less traveled, it's about the route you traveled!

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