Coach Jean’s Covid-19 B-Town Marathon

After being cooped up at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness trainer Jean Sherfick needed to get out of the house and see her friends and clients. ‘Coach Jean’ and her running partner planned a marathon that was equal parts fitness and social event, mapping a route that would loop through Bloomington’s landmarks and -- more importantly -- have her running by the homes of many of their friends and clients.

Early -- well, not too early -- on the morning of April 19th, Coach Jean laced up, stretched, and started on her tour of town. Both WayZada families have been long-time Coach Jean fans at our local Orange Theory branch and made it out to cheer her on. Moreover, with our company just launched we reached out to see if we could try making her some prints to test our own abilities and gauge her reaction.

WayZada printed up two samples for her. First, we made our standard one-color profile with inset text. But, with a twist. Coach Jean got our first print with magnets in both the profile and base, so she can ‘click in’ the profile along with mile markers, or remove it to show it off.

Next, we pulled together some custom artwork to place her accomplishments on local roads. After adding a text block and hitting print, we produced a route on a baseplate, which would eventually become a standard product for us.

After we delivered our prints, Jean agreed to help show them off on social media. As our first influencer, we created a coupon code for her to share. While our goal was to give 26.2% off, our current back-end only supports whole number discounts so 26% it was. 

Ultimately we are grateful to Coach Jean for working with us. Even before we launched our company, she gave us a chance to commemorate her achievement. This was a chance to work through the process from activity through delivery with an external client, get feedback on what she liked (and didn’t!), and show our capabilities. 

Thanks, Coach Jean, for letting us help celebrate your achievement.

Finally, check out Coach Jean at:

Instagram: @mycuppajoy

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