• Colors

  • Exploring the Triple Crown of 200s

    We have been working with Luis Leon on commemorating his completion of the Triple Crown of 200s. After creating the elevation profiles of the three...
  • Printing new color samples for our new batch of colors

  • Check out our new hiking related products

  • Moab 240

    If you are running the Moab 240 or you know someone who is, this is for you! We have taken the course of the famous endurance race and developed a ...
  • World Marathon Majors

    Here is a sneak peak at a new product idea we are currently exploring. We partnered with Eliot Ephraim to explore the Abbott World Marathon Majors.
  • Coach Jean’s Covid-19 B-Town Marathon

    After being cooped up at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness trainer Jean Sherfick needed to get out of the house and see her friends and cl...
  • Creating unique memories with a Route on a Baseplate

    Over the last couple of days we have been experimenting with add-ons for our "Route on Baseplate" product. A photo holder and a medal stand seemed...
  • Sunday research & same day service

    I was up and out the door this morning for a much needed ‘research trip’ to ‘collect critical data’. In other words, a loop on some easy riding mou...
  • WayZada Recycles

    We are proud to affirm WayZada’s commitment to the environment. In addition to ensuring all of our supplies arrive in recyclable packaging, we are also recycling all 3D printing filament scraps, residuals, and misprints.
  • Here we are - WayZada!

    The owners of WayZada are passionate about running, cycling, triathlons and other outdoor activities. Some of those activities are standing out, li...